Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coupons From Bucky Book

I got this book basically for only a few different coupons that
when I used them it did pay for getting the book. But I have
many fast food coupons that I will not use. Just contact me
if there are any you can use and I will mail them to you.
Taco Bell, Subway are just if you are looking for something
in particular just ask.


Karen said...

I wonder if you couldn't give those to a local charity. I think you said you live amongst a few communities, perhaps one has a charity that could hand out the coupons to families or kids, or even just let employees use them. Employees of non-profits don't make a lot of money, and fast food is no longer cheap. Or maybe a local senior center/program.

Just a thought.

u.w. grad said...

That is a very good idea. I bet they would appreciate them. They would give them a good ' home.'

thank you.