Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Friend.

I got some of the saddest news, this week. It's been weighing pretty heavy on
me. Now I am not going tell how old I am but I am not forty yet several years
younger than that.

When I worked in California the group of people I worked with
we were more like family than co-workers. We are very close.
I have kept in touch weekly, via emails phone .

This last week, my friend Sarah called to let me know that Tom
on of our co workers who just turned 60 was very sick this
week. He was in quite a bit of pain and went into the ER thinking
he must have some sort of obstruction somewhere.

A lot of abdominal pain.

Right away they did blood work. They ran a few tests.
When they came back they told him they were going to
admit him for more tests.

He was in quite a bit of pain and did not argue.

They got him admitted.

When they did finally come into talk with him. They
gave him devastating news.

Now I don't know what tests they ran and over
how long a time period this all went on.

However they informed him and his wife that he has
liver cancer. That the cancer had spread.

They have given him weeks to live.

Shocked. Devastated.

I keep thinking about how Tom is always talking
about when he retired. What he and his wife were
expecting to do.

I have called and talked with him twice this last week.
The one time it was very clear they had him very drugged.
The other time he said ' I just wanted to enjoy a year or
two as a retired person.' I always thought I would

It's funny and sad what it takes to make us all take a good
look at our lives and our priorities.

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