Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Truancy Is A School Issue And City Issue.

I have taken from the Evansville Observer some information on the truancy

May 2008 Public Safety Committee to consider ordinance revision to fine school attendence officer

Under the current Evansville municipal ordinance for truancy, as I understand it, our municipal court can fine school age offenders of truancy laws, but there is no provision at the present time for fines to be levied against the school personnel if the proper legal procedures are not followed.

In preparation for the presentation of an amendment to the current ordinance at Common Council in May 2008 to remedy this situation, the Public Safety Committee on May 7, 2008 will consider the matter. Parents, students, School board members, and interested parties are expected to be present for the discussion. The Evansville Observer will be providing full audio and video coverage.

Now the comments:

Brodhead,sends out daily truancy notices

Oregon who has more than twice the students that Evansville has makes daily truancy calls to parents..they also send out bi-wkly attendance reports to parents who kids have recently been truant.

Parkview makes daily truancy calls..

New Glarus makes daily truancy calls..

Stoughton makes contact for daily truancy issues.

Is it not funny that Evansville can not manage to do the same.

Even Madison makes daily contact for truancy. Madison thousands
more students than Evansville.

1:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you saying the municipalities are making these calls or the school districts. This is the city sticking its nose in school business.

The school and city are connected through the municpal court. If the school wants

to be able to continue to use the municpal court they have to follow certain procedures
they can not just do what they want. It most certainly does involve the city. If the school
did not involve the court and police dept then they could do as they please.

5:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like the Mayor wants to 'protect' the school. I don't know why the court would ask for this unless Judge Tom thought it was the right thing. He ought to know. Ms. Mayor should support him.

Totally Agree.

3:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family and I fully support what Judge Alisankus is asking for. The city and the school are tied together regardless of what some people think. This is city business because the school sends students the the Evansville court system, many a month..So Judge Alisankus, The city of Evansville have every right to ask that they follow certain procedures. Which at this time the school does not.

By the way if I am not mistaken there is a state statue that spells out clearly that school officials can be fined for not following truancy policy's..

This really is a no brainer. The school has to follow certain procedures.

Is that not what they ask of the students??

This school district seems to be full of double standards.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it posted somewhere that this is coming from the Judge? Shouldn't parents be fined? Maybe they should add something to get the parents attention as well. It's not the schools fault that students aren't coming. Parents should be held more responsible than the school.

Yes if the parents know and allow their kids to continue to be truant,
yes fine them. But you have to be able to prove the parent knew.
Not just assume.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the school does not tell them, which alot of times they don't. How would the parents know?? Its one thing to fine the parents if they know.

But the school does not follow the policy of sending out daily truancy notices like they are suppose to , so how would the parents know?

Every city has truancy ordinances Evansville seems to be the only one in

the area where the school does not follow the laws. They want to
write their own rules . However if they are going to continue to
want the police dept to issue truancy tickets and the Judge to not
just dismiss them they have to follow procedures in terms of giving daily
truancy notices and not waiting for a child to become habitually truant. Before
informing the parents.

9:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a school board issue.

Sorry it is a district and city issue. Unless they stop using the
court system.

My brother teaches at Madison Memorial and can't not believe
how loosely Evansville's school districts truancy policy is worded.

kind of like ' well we should do this, and we might do that.' In
other words we will do as we please and have real no rhyme or
reason in how we handle issues.

Really this is a pretty minor issue and the answer is simple
if the school wants to continue to send students through the
court system then they need to do what is asked of them.

They are using city services.

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