Sunday, April 20, 2008

What Is Proper And Not.

I quite often go on line and check out the Janesville Gazette.
There was a day when the editor talked about the difference
between a blog and their newspaper. Explaining how they
are different from a blog.

The point someone made regarding the on line version of
the Gazette is you can leave comments for articles in the
newspaper part and on their blog section. So how is one
really different from the other? When you can comment
on it all.

I have checked out many blogs in the area since I have
been back. Some are just simply silly and for fun. Some
are serious and tend to cover local news. I encourage
everyone to at least check out the Evansville Observer
because he covers a lot of news issues for the area. He
has done a nice job. I like the fact his comments are

I think as the Janesville Gazette has found they really
have to watch the comments people leave. Sometimes
removing them because some people tend to talk
out of their ass. Or one would think.

It brings me to the Evansville Review. Every year
I find that paper much less credible and more of
a tabloid. What the hell is the deal with the
editorial they printed this last week? It would seem
as though they accepted and printed a bogus letter
to the editor. What happened with calling and
verifying information from your editorials? No
excuse for what happened very unprofessional.

Just call them the Evansville Enquirer. That is
why blogs need to be moderated. Because some people
like to post under other people's names . They
think they are being funny but it is actually forgery.

Blog, paper or not.

Much like land phones any thing these days can be
traced, isp, cell phones, letters, even the
disposable throw away cell phones can be traced.

Opinions are great but if you don't have the balls
to put your real name down you must be ball-less.
If you feel strongly about something you should have
no shame in posting your name.

So Evansville area folks if you are looking for a
credible news source . I highly recommend the
Evansville Observer. He tends to keep it just to
the news. Once in a while lending a opinion but
for the most part just reporting on city news . He
basically is running a on line newspaper. Very
good reporting and factual.

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