Friday, April 25, 2008

Mommy Cat & Kittens

since i moved here i have noticed that i have a guest.
i am sure she thinks i am the guest. but i have a
mommy cat living in my barn. there must be more
than one being she is a mommy. but my issue she is
wild. she looks scared to death when i call to her.
i do feed her as she looked very scrawny for a while.

but i am thinking about capturing her before she
has these kittens. i really don't know as though
i want and or need a bunch of wild cats. i am also
afraid of what my dog may do to the babies.

i called a local rescue and she is going to come out
and help me set a live trap. i am just afraid of
what we might trap before we get her.

i have thought about catching her and trying
to tame her and keeping her as a house cat.

afraid she will scratch me up one side and down
the other just based on how scared she looks.

i feel obligated to feed animals when i see them
so ignoring her is not a option.

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