Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Did Not Believe It.

My brother called me yesterday morning and told me that
Art Phillips, from Evansville had passed away. No way.
was my reaction. We grew up in Evansville so we knew Art well.
I gave my brother a hard time for several
minutes. Telling him to knock it off. As most brothers do
they tend to pick on their little sisters. But after a minute
I knew he was not. He would not do that over something so
serious. I got off the phone in serious shock. When I was
growing up Art had just started at the e.p.d. . He was
always a warm, caring person. Always had a smile and
hello for everyone he met. He cared about people.
We will miss him. He was a great man.

Bon Fire

I finally had a big bbq and bonfire for everyone who
helped to fix my barn.
I have not had that much fun in a long time. It makes
me remember how the simple things are the best.
I had about 40 family and friends come and it went
all night. I was very tired the next day and Brian and
I spent the day cleaning up but it was great and it was
worth it. Thanks to all .

Rescues and Adoptions

I have been continuing to work with a rescue group
I find I am embracing it more and more. I actually
have a foster dog right now. A Bernese mountain dog.
He is the biggest baby. He get a long really well with
my dog so we are just one big happy family. I will
tell you though there are a lot of shady rescues out
there. I ask that you be careful when deciding to adopt
remember its a life time decision not just until you
get tired. I ask that you adopt locally. Do not adopt
from rescues that bring their dogs in from other states.
We continue to take in dogs and cats from people who
originally got there animals from one of these rescues.
These states where these dogs are coming from need
to take care of their own animals. I don't believe for one
minute they can not. Nor does anyone else.
If you are not looking for a pet right now as you don't want
the long term commitment, think about fostering. It's
getting the perks but knowing eventually the dog or cat
will go to a great home.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Well I back again

I had a very busy August. I spent over two weeks in
New York City. No complaints, just a lot longer than
what we had thought. The company that we work for
loved the presentation and over all project. We did
tweak parts of it though.

I did not get to see Katie Holmes Broadway debut, drats.
We did a lot of sight seeing and shopping as the co-worker
who went with me had only been to NYC once. It was a lot
of work but also a lot of fun. I am glad to be home.
Brian took great care of the critters .

Friday, August 8, 2008

First Trip

Well Brian and I are planning our first trip together. My
mom does not know what to make of this. I told her to
relax. It is just a short vacation to just get away for a
few days, and not to read anything into it.

We cannot decide if we should go visit friends in
Vermont, or visit friends in Arizona. It will have to
be one or another. We can't afford to go both

I would like to go to Vermont. I have not been there
in years. However we will see . Still in the early planning

Barn Dance?

Well my barn is done. Just a few cosmetic things to do.
But it is so much nicer. Looks great. ( I hope to post pictures
soon.) My dad thinks I should have a barn dance?????

He said back in the day that was quite common when a
barn was raised-built.

I don't plan on having a barn dance, but I will have a bbq
for all that helped. Maybe move the stereo out side and
people can dance if they like. There ya go, barn dance.

I just can not get over the difference. I will be moving the
horses in to the lower level this week.

I am excited about that as now I have to lead them
to the north field, and this leads to the north field and
its all fenced in.

Hope to post pictures soon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ghost Anyone?

Do you believe in ghosts? Would you try to contact one? Or several..

Everything except for the one building is old, old , old.. The house is
around 160 years old ..

And the buildings that are left are around the same age from what we
have been told.

Sometimes I think I see things. Or I hear things.

That leaves me going ' I am tired, I am going to bed. Because I did
not just see what I thought I saw.'

It does not happen often. I do know that when I get home late at
night I hurry from my vehicle to the house.

It can be kind of creepy, like I feel like someone or something is watching me.
I keep my dog inside when I am not at home, so I know its not him
making the noise.

I do believe there is something after death. I believe in ghosts, spirits.
My friend at work has been encouraging me to investigate the history
of the farm.

Which I think is an excellent idea, and maybe this fall and winter when
things slow down a little bit I will. I love history, and this farm definitely
has history.

Have you ever encountered a ghost or spirit?? What did you see
What was it like?

My boss at work brought up the fact that we have been doing a lot of
work on the place over the last 9 months or so maybe we disturbed
someone or something..

Now that just gave me chills...