Friday, July 25, 2008

Ghost Anyone?

Do you believe in ghosts? Would you try to contact one? Or several..

Everything except for the one building is old, old , old.. The house is
around 160 years old ..

And the buildings that are left are around the same age from what we
have been told.

Sometimes I think I see things. Or I hear things.

That leaves me going ' I am tired, I am going to bed. Because I did
not just see what I thought I saw.'

It does not happen often. I do know that when I get home late at
night I hurry from my vehicle to the house.

It can be kind of creepy, like I feel like someone or something is watching me.
I keep my dog inside when I am not at home, so I know its not him
making the noise.

I do believe there is something after death. I believe in ghosts, spirits.
My friend at work has been encouraging me to investigate the history
of the farm.

Which I think is an excellent idea, and maybe this fall and winter when
things slow down a little bit I will. I love history, and this farm definitely
has history.

Have you ever encountered a ghost or spirit?? What did you see
What was it like?

My boss at work brought up the fact that we have been doing a lot of
work on the place over the last 9 months or so maybe we disturbed
someone or something..

Now that just gave me chills...

Finally Getting It Done

Well I am finally getting it done. I guess I should not say I, as it has been
a lot of family , and friends and some of my boy friends , friends.

However we are getting the old barn in shape that sits on my farmette.
When I first moved here the only good shed was of course the
Cleary building. However it is only about five years old.

My horses reside in that building and the lawn mower and tiller.

The barn just seemed to be such a daunting task, but the history
in this barn, the things it must have 'seen'.

My dad and brother started with the roof about a month ago
and have been joined on the weekends by Brian and some of
his friends, and this weekend some friends and cousins are
coming out to help.

The roof is done, so they are going work on building up
the one side of the barn, and that will be the worst of it.

Over all its structurally sound or it we would have taken it down.
It has turned into an expensive project, but I knew it would. However
it's an investment in the over all property.

I love that barn, I go up in the hay mow every once in a while and
just sit and think. I think eventually I will put an office up there, as
well as the hay and supplys for the horses, which I will eventually
move into the lower barn. It has easier pasture access than, where
they are now.

I am grateful for all the help my family , Brian, and friends have given
and continue to give. It is quite the project.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Micro Beer Fest , I will be there.

Oregon is having a micro-beer fest May 9th, 2009. Mark
Your calendars. Evidently I missed this years. I think this
sounds different and a lot of fun. I will try to get more info
closer to the actual date.

Oregon Kids Triathlon- Very Cool

yes I copied and pasted because I did not want to screw up the details.

The Oregon
Swim Club's
3rd Annual
Oregon Kids
Triathlon will
be held on
August 9, 2008.
The event
format will be
pool swim, invillage
bike course, and on-trail run course. There will be
five age groups from 5 to 17 years old. We will have
participation awards, T-shirts, goody bags, and age-group
This is an opportunity for your young athlete to
participate in an enjoyable life-experience through
athletics. It is not structured as a highly competitive event.
Rather, the objective is to encourage self-confidence,
good health and community spirit through participation.
This year's event will be limited to the first 500 registrants.
The registration fee is $33. Registration is available online
at This option allows you to pay using your
credit card. Be sure to register early to ensure a spot!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Added The Link

I added the link for What A Trip Travel Agency, this is their blog site.
This is new for them, so please let them know how they are doing.

I have heard just great comments from everyone who went to
my friend's wedding. Everything detail was taken care and everyone
had a great time.

Hawthorns Opens

If anyone has eaten their. Let me know what you think.

I Love Bleoni's

I want to thank everyone who suggested places to eat
in Bleoni's . It is excellent.

It has become one of my favorite places.

Excellent Food.

What Do You Do When The Principal Is Arrested?

Arrested for D.W. I.??

How does he face his staff and students?

How do you preach, don't drink and drive to the kids?

Come On The Principal does it.

He is a responsible adult right?

Way To Go Oregon Marching Band!!!!!!

The Oregon Marching Band won the regional competition in Michigan.
This was the Mid-America Competing Band Directors Association.
This is their first undisputed win in 18 years. The band has won all
9 competitions that it entered this summer. Way To Go!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Meeting

Since I have moved back I have wanted to
get to a city meeting, council..

I have the next one penciled in on my calendar.
I have no issues just curious to see how this city(Oregon)
works. To see what the issues are.

I will let you know how it goes.

Is It HOT Or What?

I made the mistake last week of saying to someone
last week, ' This summer has really not been that hot.'

I am so sorry to everyone.

Wow What A Trip!!!!

My friend from college just recently got back from her Wedding/Honeymoon
they and a dozen family and friends stayed at a Sandals Resort in the Bahamas'
said it could not have gone better had they planned it themselves.

Her travel agent and the Sandals resort did all the work.

They asked for certain details from Leslie and Brad and they(Sandals and her
travel agent did the rest.) The big plus to this is that the Wedding itself was
free, one of the perks of staying there.

Leslie said that it was absolutely beautiful, the resort was beautiful
and it is something she will never forget.

I am anxious to see the pictures.

She went through All Ways To Travel , travel agency and said she
highly recommends them.

At her request I am doing this pitch as she was so pleased with the
service she got from All Ways To Travel agency..

They have a blog, where they list weekly specials, articles on travel ,
and where you can request a quote on travel. Leslie is going to get
the link to me then I will post it.

So the next time you are thinking about traveling please keep them in

Their phone # is 877-783-3190 All Ways To Travel.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Looks Like It Was Fun..

Being I was gone over the fourth I missed Oregon's Summer Fest. I
talked to someone in town that said they do this every year and told
me about all the different things they do. It has always been quite
successful and a lot of fun.. Hopefully I will get there next year.

Maybe my family would be willing to camp at my place. Some
how I don't think so but its worth a try..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Excellent Weekend

We had an excellent weekend. The weather was beautiful.
How did all you do? It was really nice I got to see some
cousins I had not talked to in a long time.

I was so sad to hear about Dale Bryant from Evansville.
I knew Dale, he was a good guy. Loved his kids.

Chasin touches very nicely on this tragedy. I agree free
speech is one thing but you always have those ass holes
who think, especially on the blogs, they should be allowed
to say whatever they want.

Some people have no common sense at all. They come
off as very un- intelligent.

My prays go out to the Bryant family.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Fourth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I have a lot left to get done before we leave
tomorrow I want to wish you all a
Happy and Safe Fourth of July....

I have to go find my bathing suit
which my mother will ask me
where the rest of it is..

Love her dearly..

Going Camping After All..

My family really did not think we would be going
camping this year for the 4th.

But my sister in laws father has said we can
use his cabin in Door County. Hot Dog!!!!!!!!!!!

Better yet. I love Door County.

We will be cramped but we will all be

Perfect time for my Mom to corner
Brian .. Poor guy..

I have so been slacking..

I have been so busy lately. With my friend dying.
This huge project at work. My new found love of
helping at the rescue, and trying to finish up projects
around the house. Time is just flying.

Work has been crazy. We have this major project
due for a pretty big client and everyone is just wound
and up tight.

A lot is riding on this. But I think we have it
nailed. They have liked all the parts of it so
far and we have weekly conference calls
and they have approved all the specs so far.

The one good thing about it is when its
all done a co-worker and I get to go
to N.Y. CITY to get everything in place.

We will only be gone for about 4 days,
but 4 days is 4 days. I have not been
to N.Y.C. in almost a year. Since
I left Calif and my job out there.

My former job I was flying to
N.Y.C. once a month.

I jokingly told my boyfriend
Brian he is coming in handy.

He stays at my place when I am
gone, tends to my dog, horses
and kittens. Check out the pictures
of the kittens. Are they not cute.

I have them inside know.
I am trying to tame them down
a little more before they go to
new homes. I am only keeping

Crazy times, I am grateful.