Friday, July 25, 2008

Ghost Anyone?

Do you believe in ghosts? Would you try to contact one? Or several..

Everything except for the one building is old, old , old.. The house is
around 160 years old ..

And the buildings that are left are around the same age from what we
have been told.

Sometimes I think I see things. Or I hear things.

That leaves me going ' I am tired, I am going to bed. Because I did
not just see what I thought I saw.'

It does not happen often. I do know that when I get home late at
night I hurry from my vehicle to the house.

It can be kind of creepy, like I feel like someone or something is watching me.
I keep my dog inside when I am not at home, so I know its not him
making the noise.

I do believe there is something after death. I believe in ghosts, spirits.
My friend at work has been encouraging me to investigate the history
of the farm.

Which I think is an excellent idea, and maybe this fall and winter when
things slow down a little bit I will. I love history, and this farm definitely
has history.

Have you ever encountered a ghost or spirit?? What did you see
What was it like?

My boss at work brought up the fact that we have been doing a lot of
work on the place over the last 9 months or so maybe we disturbed
someone or something..

Now that just gave me chills...

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