Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wow What A Trip!!!!

My friend from college just recently got back from her Wedding/Honeymoon
they and a dozen family and friends stayed at a Sandals Resort in the Bahamas'
said it could not have gone better had they planned it themselves.

Her travel agent and the Sandals resort did all the work.

They asked for certain details from Leslie and Brad and they(Sandals and her
travel agent did the rest.) The big plus to this is that the Wedding itself was
free, one of the perks of staying there.

Leslie said that it was absolutely beautiful, the resort was beautiful
and it is something she will never forget.

I am anxious to see the pictures.

She went through All Ways To Travel , travel agency and said she
highly recommends them.

At her request I am doing this pitch as she was so pleased with the
service she got from All Ways To Travel agency..

They have a blog, where they list weekly specials, articles on travel ,
and where you can request a quote on travel. Leslie is going to get
the link to me then I will post it.

So the next time you are thinking about traveling please keep them in

Their phone # is 877-783-3190 All Ways To Travel.

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