Friday, August 8, 2008

First Trip

Well Brian and I are planning our first trip together. My
mom does not know what to make of this. I told her to
relax. It is just a short vacation to just get away for a
few days, and not to read anything into it.

We cannot decide if we should go visit friends in
Vermont, or visit friends in Arizona. It will have to
be one or another. We can't afford to go both

I would like to go to Vermont. I have not been there
in years. However we will see . Still in the early planning

Barn Dance?

Well my barn is done. Just a few cosmetic things to do.
But it is so much nicer. Looks great. ( I hope to post pictures
soon.) My dad thinks I should have a barn dance?????

He said back in the day that was quite common when a
barn was raised-built.

I don't plan on having a barn dance, but I will have a bbq
for all that helped. Maybe move the stereo out side and
people can dance if they like. There ya go, barn dance.

I just can not get over the difference. I will be moving the
horses in to the lower level this week.

I am excited about that as now I have to lead them
to the north field, and this leads to the north field and
its all fenced in.

Hope to post pictures soon.