Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Friend.

I got some of the saddest news, this week. It's been weighing pretty heavy on
me. Now I am not going tell how old I am but I am not forty yet several years
younger than that.

When I worked in California the group of people I worked with
we were more like family than co-workers. We are very close.
I have kept in touch weekly, via emails phone .

This last week, my friend Sarah called to let me know that Tom
on of our co workers who just turned 60 was very sick this
week. He was in quite a bit of pain and went into the ER thinking
he must have some sort of obstruction somewhere.

A lot of abdominal pain.

Right away they did blood work. They ran a few tests.
When they came back they told him they were going to
admit him for more tests.

He was in quite a bit of pain and did not argue.

They got him admitted.

When they did finally come into talk with him. They
gave him devastating news.

Now I don't know what tests they ran and over
how long a time period this all went on.

However they informed him and his wife that he has
liver cancer. That the cancer had spread.

They have given him weeks to live.

Shocked. Devastated.

I keep thinking about how Tom is always talking
about when he retired. What he and his wife were
expecting to do.

I have called and talked with him twice this last week.
The one time it was very clear they had him very drugged.
The other time he said ' I just wanted to enjoy a year or
two as a retired person.' I always thought I would

It's funny and sad what it takes to make us all take a good
look at our lives and our priorities.


I find that quite often I am getting a call from my niece's and nephews
asking 'Will you come to this ?' I almost always do. Unless there are
work issues with me traveling and not being home.

It gets to be a lot of softball games in the summer. Basketball in the
winter. However I love it all. Somewhat envy them because I was just
never that coordinated.

However what I really like seeing is my nieces and nephews
taking an interest in the arts. Music, Drama
My oldest niece, I don't think there is any instrument that
she has not tried playing. Very talented on the piano.
However she is limited to what is available.

Plays organ at church. However what she has done the
last three years has been very active in the school
and community theatre groups. She loves it.

She has not had any really big parts yet. However she
helps with costumes, props, and helps with the
music. It seems like so many towns, especially
small ones get way to caught up in the school's
sports teams. Which can be fun.

However I am more impressed when kids take
an interest in the arts. Playing sports is fun
but it will only take you so far.

Taking an interest in the arts will last a lifetime.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

did you check out that sky?

After the storms went through last night. Did anyone notice how yellow
the sky seemed to be? It was like it seemed really bright out. It was

I did decide that since I live far enough from any one town I am
going to purchase a weather radio. I don't hear any sirens out
here. I like storms but I would like to know when they are

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mommy Cat & Kittens

since i moved here i have noticed that i have a guest.
i am sure she thinks i am the guest. but i have a
mommy cat living in my barn. there must be more
than one being she is a mommy. but my issue she is
wild. she looks scared to death when i call to her.
i do feed her as she looked very scrawny for a while.

but i am thinking about capturing her before she
has these kittens. i really don't know as though
i want and or need a bunch of wild cats. i am also
afraid of what my dog may do to the babies.

i called a local rescue and she is going to come out
and help me set a live trap. i am just afraid of
what we might trap before we get her.

i have thought about catching her and trying
to tame her and keeping her as a house cat.

afraid she will scratch me up one side and down
the other just based on how scared she looks.

i feel obligated to feed animals when i see them
so ignoring her is not a option.

just so you know.

when i write you will see i tend not to capitalize maybe
or edit like i should. but you know what this is for fun.

this is not a newspaper. when i read other blogs i don't
care if something is not right. who cares.

blogs, journals . they are for fun. to relax.

i have to behave at work and have everything just so.
this is to be fun.

so if you notice something not right, its intentional
i am having fun.

blogs should be fun.

I Bought It I Will Use It?

Don't laugh when I bought this place. I thought my own place
more room. I am going to start a exercise routine.
Every morning. When I get home from work.

I need to start exercising daily, get into some good

Well I bought a couple things . Treadmill, Bowflex.
There they sit. I have used them twice. But not
near like I thought I would.

In my own defense I have been very busy. With work
and remodeling and cleaning up the farm.

I will use it. Eventually.

i survived the contractor's

They may say they survived, me. I think that may be what
they were thinking. I am sorry my house, my money, I tend
to ask a lot of questions.

It did not go without a few kinks. Old house , old plumbing
old wiring and it ended up being more of a project
than what I originally thought. I should say hoped.
But its done.

My friend from work stopped by and said ' this place is
really starting to look good.'

I could have taken offense. I mean what we she saying
that it was a dump before?

I will say it was in need of much t.l.c. when I bought
it but the hard work is paying off. I can look at the
before pictures and smile and think looking good.

A lot left to do. However now its not so much that
anything has to be done its all things I want to do
and that's what makes it fun.

i love storms , this is my kind of day.

I love storms. I am fascinated by them. I watched the movie
Twister probably 20 times. Sad I know. I don't know if I
would ever chase one. But I like watching the storms coming
in. However I never want to see anyone hurt. My brother
always teases me and says ' I bet you would run like a cat
if you ever got near a actual tornado.' If it was just me
and I knew there was shelter near by, I think I would
watch at least for a minute. Anyone ever watched a
actual tornado before. Whats it like?

Monday, April 21, 2008

ok a bit over done

I am working at home for the next two days. I am having some
plumbing and electrical work done. So I will be baby sitting the
contractors I guess is one way to look at it.

I got up and went into my office this a.m. at 5:30 as there was
several things I had left on Friday I should have brought home.

I cut through Brooklyn and hook up with hwy 14 most days.
As I did today. I was shocked to see on hwy 14 past Oregon
5, count them xxxxx Dane County Sheriff's cars parked along
side the highway in the dark. All together. In a row.

Waiting so patiently for some one to please speed.

Like the cat waiting for the mouse to come out from where
it is hiding.

come walk with me (us)

One of the saddest things is the death of a child. Unfortunately my own family
has been touched by this tragedy. My brother's oldest was born 9 weeks pre-
mature. Lily battled day and night for 2 weeks before passing away from
numerous complications.

I have never in my life met anyone like her. That was almost four years ago.
Like yesterday.

Our entire family, (over 50) so far and many people from our places of work
will walk for baby's on May 3rd. Please consider walking with us or your own
team on May 3rd.

You can get more information at the March of Dimes website

You can also find more information at wmtv channel 15. If you don't
have a team to walk with you can walk with them.

I hope you can join us on one team or another.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

has anyone heard of Blue Marble dairy?

I grew up on a farm and we always just took the milk from the tank
to the house.

I would love to get whole milk again, straight from the cow.

Some one told me there is a Blue Marble dairy in the state. It's
as close as I am probably going to get . I am curious if anyone else
has tried their milk. And/Or how do I get a hold of them.

There milk is not straight from the milk tank but close.

Should I ?

I have been thinking a lot lately about getting my
real estate license. It would be a crazy time to do
such a thing. Being the market what it is.

But first of all I would not be doing it for immediate
income or a job change. I have always been
fascinated with old houses, buildings etc.
Case and point my very old farm house.

I love history. If I were to do this it would be first
and fore most for the experience. It would true
be another avenue of income. But I have no
intention of leaving the job I currently have.

I make a very nice living and I get to travel.

This would be more as a hobby, and would
be only a part time venture. I have thought
about this for a long time.

I am going to continue to give it some more
thought. There really is nothing to lose by
doing this. I would like to hear from anyone
who does this for a living or has done this
at some point in their lives.


I have finally added my blog link. I really did mean to do it
sooner. As I run across others I will add them if I feel they
are worth of taking a look at.

Make no mistake I have looked at many other's that I just
don't think they are worth people's time. Trashy. Is a
kind word to describe some local blogs that are out there.

They know who they are.

I do want to say I added the Whitewater blog just because
I can not believe how stupid the Whitewater officials are
being. At taxpayer expense.

Check out some of the blogs if you would like to suggest one
please do. Does not mean I will add it. But I always like
seeing whats new .

What Is Proper And Not.

I quite often go on line and check out the Janesville Gazette.
There was a day when the editor talked about the difference
between a blog and their newspaper. Explaining how they
are different from a blog.

The point someone made regarding the on line version of
the Gazette is you can leave comments for articles in the
newspaper part and on their blog section. So how is one
really different from the other? When you can comment
on it all.

I have checked out many blogs in the area since I have
been back. Some are just simply silly and for fun. Some
are serious and tend to cover local news. I encourage
everyone to at least check out the Evansville Observer
because he covers a lot of news issues for the area. He
has done a nice job. I like the fact his comments are

I think as the Janesville Gazette has found they really
have to watch the comments people leave. Sometimes
removing them because some people tend to talk
out of their ass. Or one would think.

It brings me to the Evansville Review. Every year
I find that paper much less credible and more of
a tabloid. What the hell is the deal with the
editorial they printed this last week? It would seem
as though they accepted and printed a bogus letter
to the editor. What happened with calling and
verifying information from your editorials? No
excuse for what happened very unprofessional.

Just call them the Evansville Enquirer. That is
why blogs need to be moderated. Because some people
like to post under other people's names . They
think they are being funny but it is actually forgery.

Blog, paper or not.

Much like land phones any thing these days can be
traced, isp, cell phones, letters, even the
disposable throw away cell phones can be traced.

Opinions are great but if you don't have the balls
to put your real name down you must be ball-less.
If you feel strongly about something you should have
no shame in posting your name.

So Evansville area folks if you are looking for a
credible news source . I highly recommend the
Evansville Observer. He tends to keep it just to
the news. Once in a while lending a opinion but
for the most part just reporting on city news . He
basically is running a on line newspaper. Very
good reporting and factual.

Getting Reacquainted

I have been trying to make a effort to shop locally since I have been back.
I can not wait for the farmer's market to get going again, or has it?
I have to say I am so what disappointed by the lack of restaurants in Oregon.
They now have pizza hut, which is just that . Pizza Hut.
They have a nasty Mexican restaurant. It actually got sick from eating there.
But I have been shopping in town. I like Bill's grocery. Of course Walgreen's.
I have gotten quite a few supply's from the local hardware store.
Let's not forget the library, which I love and spend a lot of time there. I know
I am not shopping , even spending money. But it's a really nice library.

Oregon is only about 15 minutes from my house so it's all convenient.
So tell me about where you live and what your favorite thing is about where
you live and why.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

How Many People Work For Them Selves?? OR At The Very Least Have A Expense Account.

With both company's that I worked and currently work for I had/have
a expense account. Long ago I figured out a system for saving receipts.

I also have a company credit card, however our receipts much match
the charge on the statement so I still have to save receipts. It has never
been a issue for me but we are expected to spend within reason.

I take clients to nice restaurants but not the most expensive.

They either want your business or they don't . Right it should not
matter what they are being treated to. Yeah I know. anyway.

But I have a friend who is a C.P.A. for the state of Wisconsin and
she is responsible for going over travel and account expenses for
quite a few different departments.

She is quite irritated that the state of WISCONSIN does not require
them to keep RECEIPTS. They are allowed so much per meal,
per hotel room, allowed so much money for calls home, etc...

No receipts required.. She said the other day that she knows there
are a couple of people who ALWAYS claim the max on their expense
report every time for everything. Never waivers with these few.

Heck if I can't provide a receipt I am not reimbursed or they charge
the amount on the credit card statement back to me. NO receipt ,
I pay..

So now Wisconsin has set up this ' fraud' line. So they must know that
there are issues and the tax payers are the ones paying for it.

I would make all employees state or not provide receipts.

The other issue that drives her nuts it the 5.00 allowed for phone
calls. She said that is a OLD part of the things allowed and thinks
it should be disallowed as everyone on these accounts has a
cell phone. They are not paying extra for phone calls. Just
claiming it.

When she questioned some of these people there dept supervisor
actually stood up for them saying they actually pay much more
than what they are allowed. She asked this supervisor.. EACH
and every time is more than a little questionable don't you think.

If you are going to screw the state tell them to at least mix the
numbers up every once and a while. Clearly letting it be known
she did not believe them.

What do you think should they have to save receipts?? Private
companies can't be run like this. If you are self employed you
have to save each and every receipt.

But not the State of Wisconsin?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coupons From Bucky Book

I got this book basically for only a few different coupons that
when I used them it did pay for getting the book. But I have
many fast food coupons that I will not use. Just contact me
if there are any you can use and I will mail them to you.
Taco Bell, Subway are just if you are looking for something
in particular just ask.

What Happened To Ebay, Paypal Sucks..

I have a ebay or should I said HAD. I had not used it in probably
over a year. I only occasionally sell or buy . So I went to
list something on there this last weekend and they are making
me take payment through paypal? What a bunch of crap.
It evidently is a new policy? Because I have had ' limited' use?
I hate paypal. They are the biggest rip off. Charge way to much.

I do some occasional freelance work for a firm out of Milwaukee
and they are talking about using paypal for independent
contractors such as myself, not a regular employee with them.

paypal is nothing more than a scam..

So I listed my item on craigs list and have had several
requests for more information and it will sell I have
no doubt about that. I was just surprised about the
changes at ebay.

Truancy Is A School Issue And City Issue.

I have taken from the Evansville Observer some information on the truancy

May 2008 Public Safety Committee to consider ordinance revision to fine school attendence officer

Under the current Evansville municipal ordinance for truancy, as I understand it, our municipal court can fine school age offenders of truancy laws, but there is no provision at the present time for fines to be levied against the school personnel if the proper legal procedures are not followed.

In preparation for the presentation of an amendment to the current ordinance at Common Council in May 2008 to remedy this situation, the Public Safety Committee on May 7, 2008 will consider the matter. Parents, students, School board members, and interested parties are expected to be present for the discussion. The Evansville Observer will be providing full audio and video coverage.

Now the comments:

Brodhead,sends out daily truancy notices

Oregon who has more than twice the students that Evansville has makes daily truancy calls to parents..they also send out bi-wkly attendance reports to parents who kids have recently been truant.

Parkview makes daily truancy calls..

New Glarus makes daily truancy calls..

Stoughton makes contact for daily truancy issues.

Is it not funny that Evansville can not manage to do the same.

Even Madison makes daily contact for truancy. Madison thousands
more students than Evansville.

1:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you saying the municipalities are making these calls or the school districts. This is the city sticking its nose in school business.

The school and city are connected through the municpal court. If the school wants

to be able to continue to use the municpal court they have to follow certain procedures
they can not just do what they want. It most certainly does involve the city. If the school
did not involve the court and police dept then they could do as they please.

5:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like the Mayor wants to 'protect' the school. I don't know why the court would ask for this unless Judge Tom thought it was the right thing. He ought to know. Ms. Mayor should support him.

Totally Agree.

3:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family and I fully support what Judge Alisankus is asking for. The city and the school are tied together regardless of what some people think. This is city business because the school sends students the the Evansville court system, many a month..So Judge Alisankus, The city of Evansville have every right to ask that they follow certain procedures. Which at this time the school does not.

By the way if I am not mistaken there is a state statue that spells out clearly that school officials can be fined for not following truancy policy's..

This really is a no brainer. The school has to follow certain procedures.

Is that not what they ask of the students??

This school district seems to be full of double standards.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it posted somewhere that this is coming from the Judge? Shouldn't parents be fined? Maybe they should add something to get the parents attention as well. It's not the schools fault that students aren't coming. Parents should be held more responsible than the school.

Yes if the parents know and allow their kids to continue to be truant,
yes fine them. But you have to be able to prove the parent knew.
Not just assume.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the school does not tell them, which alot of times they don't. How would the parents know?? Its one thing to fine the parents if they know.

But the school does not follow the policy of sending out daily truancy notices like they are suppose to , so how would the parents know?

Every city has truancy ordinances Evansville seems to be the only one in

the area where the school does not follow the laws. They want to
write their own rules . However if they are going to continue to
want the police dept to issue truancy tickets and the Judge to not
just dismiss them they have to follow procedures in terms of giving daily
truancy notices and not waiting for a child to become habitually truant. Before
informing the parents.

9:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a school board issue.

Sorry it is a district and city issue. Unless they stop using the
court system.

My brother teaches at Madison Memorial and can't not believe
how loosely Evansville's school districts truancy policy is worded.

kind of like ' well we should do this, and we might do that.' In
other words we will do as we please and have real no rhyme or
reason in how we handle issues.

Really this is a pretty minor issue and the answer is simple
if the school wants to continue to send students through the
court system then they need to do what is asked of them.

They are using city services.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Shed.

With the weather we had this weekend my dad and I, my brother and my
'friend' Brian did alot of work outside this weekend on my house and out
buildings .

I want to clarify that I am dating Brian but don't tell my mom.
She will scare him with the talk of my needing to get married
before she dies, yes I am serious.

We got a lot done. My dad has been great. My brother told me
that dad has made the comment several times he is glad that
I am independent , self supporting, and don't rely on some' man.'

So different than my mom. My mom means well. But I am the
only one of five kids not married and in no hurry to do so.

We took down this shed that my dad referred to as the 'woodshed'.
You would swear with the wind we have had it would have
fallen over for the way it looked, but it was alot sturdier than
it looked. I found a couple of neat things in the shed before
we destroyed it. A antique dresser that needs some work, but
it is salvageable. A couple of old, old, milk cans. I was

This place of mine has one really good building that I am happy
with a cleary's building, only five years old. I want to get some
horses some time this summer and this will be perfect for them.

Then there is the old barn, it is usable but needs work.

So things are going well. I am very pleased. There is something
about knocking down a building that makes me go yes
I can do this. All is good.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Little Bit About Me..

A little bit about me. I am from Evansville originally. I lived in Evansville for almost
twenty years. I graduated from the U.W. almost seven years ago. I majored in
communications and dabbled in art.

My parents hounded me night and day for 6 months not to major in
communications.. not that its a bad field, there are jobs you just
have to like what you are doing..

So after graduating I moved to California. It always sounds like
such ' a great place' to live. Guess what it gets cold. Not like
our Wisconsin, but I just thought it would be sunny all the time.

I lived in California for several years, I got a job in advertising and
found I love it. I am good at it, I enjoy it.

I met a guy out there within 3 months of moving out there and
dated him up until 6 months before I moved back to Wisconsin.
It was just one of those situations where I think we both realized
neither one us wanted the same things, or to get married. But
we were both going in very different directions.

I like aiming high and reaching goals, he was content with the
same old thing, did not much care if ever achieved anything or
not. A nice guy, a good friend. He is one of my best friends
and probably always will be.

This of course broke my Mom's heart because she thought
we would get married and have kids. Some times I think
she likes him more than me. I told her ' Mom he is single go
for it. ' She was not amused.

So when I moved back here I did alot of research of where
I wanted to live.. I bought a small farmette between
oregon and brooklyn. I over paid and it needs work but
I love it. It's mine.

Shortly after moving back I adopted ' Hooch' that eventually
I am sure I will post his picture. I adopted from a shelter
he is my baby , he is a rott.

I knew I would live in the country as I knew I wanted a dog,
a big one and I don't like seeing big dogs having to live in town,
one or two maybe. Big dogs need to be able to run.
Hooch is a house dog, and lets me share 'his' bed.

My favorite sports team is
The GreenBay Packer's . I will always love Brett Favre.
I always watch the Badgers, of course.

In my spare time I love to hike. I plan on taking
hooch on many hikes though out the state.
More recently I have been working on my house with
the help of my dad.

I love to read. Many different interests when it comes
to reading.

I go to church occasionally.. O.K. its when my mom calls
and says ' you are going to church' right.

I do believe in God. I just don't think you have to be in
a church to worship.

My siblings all live around here, madison, Evansville, Albany.
I love and spoil my nieces and nephews.

I vote strictly democrat. My niece was quite upset with me
when she found out I was not voting for Hillary, ' girl power'
as she put it. Hillary has done nothing but embarrass her
self as of late. I feel embarrassed for her.

My pet peeves

* obnoxious, know it all people
* nosy people, ( notice the country home, no neighbors within a mile.
* Motorcyclists or bicyclists who do not where helmets. No it is not
your right to splatter your brains all over the road for someone else
to have to clean up. Where your helmet. Save what brains you may

* People who smoke, and sit there and blow the smoke right at you.
People who think its their right to pass their second hand smoke on
to others.

Thats it for now, I am sure I will think of more later.

I Am Very Honored...

I am very honored. My first postee was Karen Aikman from Evansville.
I have not ever met her, but have read about her. I know she has been
on the council, and ran for Mayor.. I have heard quite a few nice things
about her in the short amount of time that I have been back.

Thank you Karen for the nice comment.

Well I Have Come Home.. Just Not All The Way.

I can't believe I am back in Wisconsin. I grew up in Evansville, Wis.
Lived there for over twenty years.. thought I should get out and see
the world after graduating from the U.W., and moved to California.

It's not all its cracked up to be. I enjoyed it for a while, but just way
to busy. I noticed that you don't really know your neighbors.

So I moved back to southern Wisconsin and I currently work in
Madison in advertising. I enjoy small town life, I like knowing
my neighbors.

Some Local Blogs Of Interest To Check Out..

I still in the process of really seeing who is doing what blog
wise but I have found these blogs and have really enjoyed
what they offer.

I will add blogs to this list as I find them. I will only
ad ones that meet certain criteria. I don't like them
all. So I won't add them all.

About Posting..

I feel very strongly if some one believes in what they say
they won't hide behind a anon. tag. So sorry to those many
who like to post anon. I want to know about the people who

I also noticed on several other area blogs , the ones who
allow anon posts that are not moderated tend to have
people leaving posts that you swear came right out of
their you know where...

I want people to leave their intelligent, opinionated comments.
Not what ever happens to fly...