Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have so been slacking..

I have been so busy lately. With my friend dying.
This huge project at work. My new found love of
helping at the rescue, and trying to finish up projects
around the house. Time is just flying.

Work has been crazy. We have this major project
due for a pretty big client and everyone is just wound
and up tight.

A lot is riding on this. But I think we have it
nailed. They have liked all the parts of it so
far and we have weekly conference calls
and they have approved all the specs so far.

The one good thing about it is when its
all done a co-worker and I get to go
to N.Y. CITY to get everything in place.

We will only be gone for about 4 days,
but 4 days is 4 days. I have not been
to N.Y.C. in almost a year. Since
I left Calif and my job out there.

My former job I was flying to
N.Y.C. once a month.

I jokingly told my boyfriend
Brian he is coming in handy.

He stays at my place when I am
gone, tends to my dog, horses
and kittens. Check out the pictures
of the kittens. Are they not cute.

I have them inside know.
I am trying to tame them down
a little more before they go to
new homes. I am only keeping

Crazy times, I am grateful.

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