Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally Getting It Done

Well I am finally getting it done. I guess I should not say I, as it has been
a lot of family , and friends and some of my boy friends , friends.

However we are getting the old barn in shape that sits on my farmette.
When I first moved here the only good shed was of course the
Cleary building. However it is only about five years old.

My horses reside in that building and the lawn mower and tiller.

The barn just seemed to be such a daunting task, but the history
in this barn, the things it must have 'seen'.

My dad and brother started with the roof about a month ago
and have been joined on the weekends by Brian and some of
his friends, and this weekend some friends and cousins are
coming out to help.

The roof is done, so they are going work on building up
the one side of the barn, and that will be the worst of it.

Over all its structurally sound or it we would have taken it down.
It has turned into an expensive project, but I knew it would. However
it's an investment in the over all property.

I love that barn, I go up in the hay mow every once in a while and
just sit and think. I think eventually I will put an office up there, as
well as the hay and supplys for the horses, which I will eventually
move into the lower barn. It has easier pasture access than, where
they are now.

I am grateful for all the help my family , Brian, and friends have given
and continue to give. It is quite the project.

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