Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rescues and Adoptions

I have been continuing to work with a rescue group
I find I am embracing it more and more. I actually
have a foster dog right now. A Bernese mountain dog.
He is the biggest baby. He get a long really well with
my dog so we are just one big happy family. I will
tell you though there are a lot of shady rescues out
there. I ask that you be careful when deciding to adopt
remember its a life time decision not just until you
get tired. I ask that you adopt locally. Do not adopt
from rescues that bring their dogs in from other states.
We continue to take in dogs and cats from people who
originally got there animals from one of these rescues.
These states where these dogs are coming from need
to take care of their own animals. I don't believe for one
minute they can not. Nor does anyone else.
If you are not looking for a pet right now as you don't want
the long term commitment, think about fostering. It's
getting the perks but knowing eventually the dog or cat
will go to a great home.

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