Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting Reacquainted

I have been trying to make a effort to shop locally since I have been back.
I can not wait for the farmer's market to get going again, or has it?
I have to say I am so what disappointed by the lack of restaurants in Oregon.
They now have pizza hut, which is just that . Pizza Hut.
They have a nasty Mexican restaurant. It actually got sick from eating there.
But I have been shopping in town. I like Bill's grocery. Of course Walgreen's.
I have gotten quite a few supply's from the local hardware store.
Let's not forget the library, which I love and spend a lot of time there. I know
I am not shopping , even spending money. But it's a really nice library.

Oregon is only about 15 minutes from my house so it's all convenient.
So tell me about where you live and what your favorite thing is about where
you live and why.

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~Me said...

I grew up in Oregon and now live in Evansville, so we've somewhat changed spots.

I still stop by Bills when I'm going through town. It's convenient, they're friendly, and have most of what I want.

For pizza, I still love Marias. It's on Main Street, just north of the center of town. Pizza Pit is across from Kwik Trip and I enjoy that too. The owner of that location is an Oregon native, I worked with him before he bought that location and he's a good guy.

Brouxnellies is in the center of town, they have great food.

Chocolate Caper has some of the best chocolates around if you're looking for a treat. Claude and Ellen are some of the nicest people I've met. They will close sometime in July through August. It's too hot for the chocolate, so they go to France and visit Claude's family (I think it's France).

Subtown, next to the car wash is good, non-franchise food. The owner is another Oregon native, sweet woman.

If you ever need a new bank, Oregon Community Bank has been great to us! Erin at the Park Street branch is always friendly, seems to remember everyone, and answers any questions you may have no matter how silly you think they may be.

As for Evansville, we enjoy Night Owl most of the time. It's close to home, the food is good, and most of the staff is friendly.

Romanos is our go-to pizza place if we order in, although we don't do that as much as we used to.

One of my current Evansville favorites is the health club. The staff know what they are doing, they walk you through everything, and if they're there, they always greet you. Every time I've been in, I've struck up conversation with someone.