Friday, April 25, 2008

i survived the contractor's

They may say they survived, me. I think that may be what
they were thinking. I am sorry my house, my money, I tend
to ask a lot of questions.

It did not go without a few kinks. Old house , old plumbing
old wiring and it ended up being more of a project
than what I originally thought. I should say hoped.
But its done.

My friend from work stopped by and said ' this place is
really starting to look good.'

I could have taken offense. I mean what we she saying
that it was a dump before?

I will say it was in need of much t.l.c. when I bought
it but the hard work is paying off. I can look at the
before pictures and smile and think looking good.

A lot left to do. However now its not so much that
anything has to be done its all things I want to do
and that's what makes it fun.

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