Saturday, April 12, 2008

How Many People Work For Them Selves?? OR At The Very Least Have A Expense Account.

With both company's that I worked and currently work for I had/have
a expense account. Long ago I figured out a system for saving receipts.

I also have a company credit card, however our receipts much match
the charge on the statement so I still have to save receipts. It has never
been a issue for me but we are expected to spend within reason.

I take clients to nice restaurants but not the most expensive.

They either want your business or they don't . Right it should not
matter what they are being treated to. Yeah I know. anyway.

But I have a friend who is a C.P.A. for the state of Wisconsin and
she is responsible for going over travel and account expenses for
quite a few different departments.

She is quite irritated that the state of WISCONSIN does not require
them to keep RECEIPTS. They are allowed so much per meal,
per hotel room, allowed so much money for calls home, etc...

No receipts required.. She said the other day that she knows there
are a couple of people who ALWAYS claim the max on their expense
report every time for everything. Never waivers with these few.

Heck if I can't provide a receipt I am not reimbursed or they charge
the amount on the credit card statement back to me. NO receipt ,
I pay..

So now Wisconsin has set up this ' fraud' line. So they must know that
there are issues and the tax payers are the ones paying for it.

I would make all employees state or not provide receipts.

The other issue that drives her nuts it the 5.00 allowed for phone
calls. She said that is a OLD part of the things allowed and thinks
it should be disallowed as everyone on these accounts has a
cell phone. They are not paying extra for phone calls. Just
claiming it.

When she questioned some of these people there dept supervisor
actually stood up for them saying they actually pay much more
than what they are allowed. She asked this supervisor.. EACH
and every time is more than a little questionable don't you think.

If you are going to screw the state tell them to at least mix the
numbers up every once and a while. Clearly letting it be known
she did not believe them.

What do you think should they have to save receipts?? Private
companies can't be run like this. If you are self employed you
have to save each and every receipt.

But not the State of Wisconsin?

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