Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Happened To Ebay, Paypal Sucks..

I have a ebay or should I said HAD. I had not used it in probably
over a year. I only occasionally sell or buy . So I went to
list something on there this last weekend and they are making
me take payment through paypal? What a bunch of crap.
It evidently is a new policy? Because I have had ' limited' use?
I hate paypal. They are the biggest rip off. Charge way to much.

I do some occasional freelance work for a firm out of Milwaukee
and they are talking about using paypal for independent
contractors such as myself, not a regular employee with them.

paypal is nothing more than a scam..

So I listed my item on craigs list and have had several
requests for more information and it will sell I have
no doubt about that. I was just surprised about the
changes at ebay.

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