Sunday, April 27, 2008


I find that quite often I am getting a call from my niece's and nephews
asking 'Will you come to this ?' I almost always do. Unless there are
work issues with me traveling and not being home.

It gets to be a lot of softball games in the summer. Basketball in the
winter. However I love it all. Somewhat envy them because I was just
never that coordinated.

However what I really like seeing is my nieces and nephews
taking an interest in the arts. Music, Drama
My oldest niece, I don't think there is any instrument that
she has not tried playing. Very talented on the piano.
However she is limited to what is available.

Plays organ at church. However what she has done the
last three years has been very active in the school
and community theatre groups. She loves it.

She has not had any really big parts yet. However she
helps with costumes, props, and helps with the
music. It seems like so many towns, especially
small ones get way to caught up in the school's
sports teams. Which can be fun.

However I am more impressed when kids take
an interest in the arts. Playing sports is fun
but it will only take you so far.

Taking an interest in the arts will last a lifetime.

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