Monday, April 7, 2008

The Shed.

With the weather we had this weekend my dad and I, my brother and my
'friend' Brian did alot of work outside this weekend on my house and out
buildings .

I want to clarify that I am dating Brian but don't tell my mom.
She will scare him with the talk of my needing to get married
before she dies, yes I am serious.

We got a lot done. My dad has been great. My brother told me
that dad has made the comment several times he is glad that
I am independent , self supporting, and don't rely on some' man.'

So different than my mom. My mom means well. But I am the
only one of five kids not married and in no hurry to do so.

We took down this shed that my dad referred to as the 'woodshed'.
You would swear with the wind we have had it would have
fallen over for the way it looked, but it was alot sturdier than
it looked. I found a couple of neat things in the shed before
we destroyed it. A antique dresser that needs some work, but
it is salvageable. A couple of old, old, milk cans. I was

This place of mine has one really good building that I am happy
with a cleary's building, only five years old. I want to get some
horses some time this summer and this will be perfect for them.

Then there is the old barn, it is usable but needs work.

So things are going well. I am very pleased. There is something
about knocking down a building that makes me go yes
I can do this. All is good.

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