Sunday, April 20, 2008

has anyone heard of Blue Marble dairy?

I grew up on a farm and we always just took the milk from the tank
to the house.

I would love to get whole milk again, straight from the cow.

Some one told me there is a Blue Marble dairy in the state. It's
as close as I am probably going to get . I am curious if anyone else
has tried their milk. And/Or how do I get a hold of them.

There milk is not straight from the milk tank but close.


~Me said...

I haven't heard of them, but in a "mommy group" I belong to, some of the moms were recently talking about raw milk. Is that what you were looking for? If so, I can check the posts and give you a list.

grumps said...


Blue Marble Dairy
7571 Kirch Road
Barneveld, WI 53507
(608) 924-2721

You're welcome.

Karen Aikman said...

We drink that milk! It's really good. You can get it at Bill's in Oregon. They also have half&half, which is more like thick cream. I scoop it off the top. The whole milk gets thick on top with cream as well, yummy.

They have a website:

I'm hoping to take the kids out there this summer so they can see where their milk is coming from.

u.w. grad said...

Thanks for the info . I did go into Bills and picked one up. I had to laugh at myself because I have gotten grocery's enough times and have gotten milk there you would think I would have noticed it before now.

I am happy to have some place close where I can pick it up at.

It was there all along. I just think about it and laugh.

Thats what I get for being in a hurry.

Karen Aikman said...

It's hard to see. I was there staring blindly into the milk case myself when a mom, with a kid asked me if I was looking for it. She said it was the only milk her kids would drink, and went on some more about it. I mean, here in Wisconsin since when does anyone go on about milk? It's all good,I figured. So since someone felt moved enough about some milk to approach a stranger and brag it up, I thought it was worth the extra money....

And she was right. We've been hook ever since! BTW, it makes really good homemade yogurt too!

~Me said...

You ladies are going to be a bad influence on me! I'm going to stop by Bills on my way home tonight to try it.