Monday, April 21, 2008

come walk with me (us)

One of the saddest things is the death of a child. Unfortunately my own family
has been touched by this tragedy. My brother's oldest was born 9 weeks pre-
mature. Lily battled day and night for 2 weeks before passing away from
numerous complications.

I have never in my life met anyone like her. That was almost four years ago.
Like yesterday.

Our entire family, (over 50) so far and many people from our places of work
will walk for baby's on May 3rd. Please consider walking with us or your own
team on May 3rd.

You can get more information at the March of Dimes website

You can also find more information at wmtv channel 15. If you don't
have a team to walk with you can walk with them.

I hope you can join us on one team or another.

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