Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Little Bit About Me..

A little bit about me. I am from Evansville originally. I lived in Evansville for almost
twenty years. I graduated from the U.W. almost seven years ago. I majored in
communications and dabbled in art.

My parents hounded me night and day for 6 months not to major in
communications.. not that its a bad field, there are jobs you just
have to like what you are doing..

So after graduating I moved to California. It always sounds like
such ' a great place' to live. Guess what it gets cold. Not like
our Wisconsin, but I just thought it would be sunny all the time.

I lived in California for several years, I got a job in advertising and
found I love it. I am good at it, I enjoy it.

I met a guy out there within 3 months of moving out there and
dated him up until 6 months before I moved back to Wisconsin.
It was just one of those situations where I think we both realized
neither one us wanted the same things, or to get married. But
we were both going in very different directions.

I like aiming high and reaching goals, he was content with the
same old thing, did not much care if ever achieved anything or
not. A nice guy, a good friend. He is one of my best friends
and probably always will be.

This of course broke my Mom's heart because she thought
we would get married and have kids. Some times I think
she likes him more than me. I told her ' Mom he is single go
for it. ' She was not amused.

So when I moved back here I did alot of research of where
I wanted to live.. I bought a small farmette between
oregon and brooklyn. I over paid and it needs work but
I love it. It's mine.

Shortly after moving back I adopted ' Hooch' that eventually
I am sure I will post his picture. I adopted from a shelter
he is my baby , he is a rott.

I knew I would live in the country as I knew I wanted a dog,
a big one and I don't like seeing big dogs having to live in town,
one or two maybe. Big dogs need to be able to run.
Hooch is a house dog, and lets me share 'his' bed.

My favorite sports team is
The GreenBay Packer's . I will always love Brett Favre.
I always watch the Badgers, of course.

In my spare time I love to hike. I plan on taking
hooch on many hikes though out the state.
More recently I have been working on my house with
the help of my dad.

I love to read. Many different interests when it comes
to reading.

I go to church occasionally.. O.K. its when my mom calls
and says ' you are going to church' right.

I do believe in God. I just don't think you have to be in
a church to worship.

My siblings all live around here, madison, Evansville, Albany.
I love and spoil my nieces and nephews.

I vote strictly democrat. My niece was quite upset with me
when she found out I was not voting for Hillary, ' girl power'
as she put it. Hillary has done nothing but embarrass her
self as of late. I feel embarrassed for her.

My pet peeves

* obnoxious, know it all people
* nosy people, ( notice the country home, no neighbors within a mile.
* Motorcyclists or bicyclists who do not where helmets. No it is not
your right to splatter your brains all over the road for someone else
to have to clean up. Where your helmet. Save what brains you may

* People who smoke, and sit there and blow the smoke right at you.
People who think its their right to pass their second hand smoke on
to others.

Thats it for now, I am sure I will think of more later.

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