Monday, June 9, 2008

Nosey Neighbor..

We are having quite the discussion at work lately about a co-worker's
nosy neighbor.

This neighbor is driving Ann (my coworker) crazy. Ann has 2 kids, 13&18.
Ann has lived in her neighborhood for 15 years and has always enjoyed it.

However has come to realize over the last year, what a screw ball her neighbor
is. First she starts rumors about people.. She is always watching
what is going on around the neighborhood, which would be fine if it was
well intentioned but it is not.

She starts rumors about who is not paying there bills, whose house is
in foreclosure, how someone paid for something. Who is sleeping
with who.. Like she would know but evidently when this neighbor does not
know the entire story she makes it up.

She claimed the one neighbor put off getting a better job for years
because his wife would not 'let' him.

They know this couple and that was as far from the truth as one
could get.

How someone gets the money they have. Or the things they have.

She talks about her neighbors more particular to both sides of her.
Has told one neighbor the other neighbors house will have to be
gutted it they ever sell it.

Ann has been in the one neighbors house there is nothing wrong with it.

The neighbors have gotten so they all think, know she is a bit nutty.

She is a very negative person. I told Ann it's clear she has nothing
better to do . How sad.

We have told Ann just to keep her kids away from her, she obviously is not
fit to have children around her, as they don't need to here that kind
of stuff.

Other than just ignore her and don't have anything to do with her. She wills
either get the hint or move.

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