Monday, June 9, 2008

Everyone Make It Through The Weekend ?

I like storms, I do.

I will sit out on my porch and watch them come in.

However this weekend. I realized, I am really not as brave
as I thought I was.

When that storm came in on Saturday late afternoon, I was
running around trying to make sure everything was tied
down or shut.

I recently got two horses and they were freaking out
running around the outdoor pen, and I think that is
what really scared me, was they say animals sense
bad weather, and this was very different behavior
for them. So then I was scared.

However I got them into the barn (shed) that they share
with the mama kitty and kittens and into their
stalls my dad and brother helped me build.

They were very nervous .

Then the storms last night, there was rotation in that wind.
I have a lot of branches down, one tree came down but
I had been wanting to take it down because it was dead.

I just wonder is it better to leave the horses outside or in
when the weather is bad like that?

At the time I felt better with them in, but then as I was
getting ready for bed, I feared what if it came down
on them if there were straight line winds or a tornado.

The shed is in excellent shape, it's a cleary building and only
five years old.. So it would take quite a wind.

However I just worried.

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