Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mommy Kitty Update

Mommy Kitty Updates

I wanted to let people know I have
decided to keep the mommy kitty.

She is cute. So scared though.

The lady from the rescue came out and helped
me live trap her. I now, have her in my shed,
the good shed. She can't get out and I think
she is starting to like me.

She does not growl at me anymore like she
could scratch my eyes out given the chance.

She knows I am the one that feeds her.

She is safe, warm and dry. She does not
have to worry about food or other cats or

My dog who I was so worried about what he
would do, seems to careless.

After the kittens are born and old enough to
go to homes, I will get her fixed.

The lady from the rescue was right , I may want
a cat or two out here.

I will post pictures when there are kittens.

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