Friday, May 16, 2008

A Few Thoughts On Contract Disputes.

Janesville, Milton, Stoughton have all had/are contract disputes.

I am really getting tired of teacher's thinking they should just
get certain benefits.

This is 2008.

Not 1960.

Times have changed and you are going to have to change with

Why should you continue to get the same health benefits as 10 yrs
ago? Everyone is paying more these days. You have better than

You have more perks in your job than most. My brother teaches
so I know what most get.

What I can't believe is all the professional days they get
oh my gosh. Where it's a nice day off for them
paid and maybe they attend a seminar maybe they don't.

I work between 50-60 hrs a week and I don't get summer's off.

I actually have to pay more than I want to for my health
insurance as well, just glad to have it.

I don't get time at Easter or Christmas .

You get professional days, sick days, personal days.
When are you at school?

Yes I ran this argument past my brother. I got the look.

Many people are doing more at work and getting paid
less, glad to have a job.

So quit your whining, or find another job .

Good luck finding the perks you have .

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